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As a homeowner, there’s nothing worse than the skittering of rodents in the loft or finding a mass of moths at the back of a drawer.  Pests cause a lot of anxiety, discomfort and damage, and they can even affect your health.  That’s why we work so hard to get rid of them and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Our pest controllers work all over London and the South East, from Hertfordshire to Essex.  If you’ve found something nasty lurking in your home, give us a call on 0800 975 2736 to discuss our domestic services.


All Manner of Pests

In London, there are a huge range of pests to deal with.  Whatever your problem might be, you can virtually guarantee we’ve dealt with it before.  We have an entomologist on staff so we’re experts on creepy crawlies like clothes moths, ants, cockroaches and wasps, and we have loads of experience with pigeons and rodent infestations.

In most cases, we can give you an immediate quote on the phone, although with pigeons and moths we will need to attend to assess the situation and find out how much work is required.

It doesn’t matter if the pests are in your home, garage or garden – we can help.


A Variety of Solutions

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We use a wide range of pest control products to make sure our methods are as humane and eco-friendly as possible.  With insects, removing an infestation will often involve some kind of pesticide, but with pigeons and foxes the goal is to move the animals on rather than hurt them.  Using products which emulate the fox’s smell or which look like fire to a pigeon means they simply leave your property alone.

We also have a range of organic products which are less harmful to the environment.  All our insecticides are biodegradable, and we make sure things are as safe as possible for pets and children.

Usually, all the products you need are included within the initial quotation, although occasionally we may offer optional extras.  This is usually only the case with flying insect and pigeon callouts, but we will always discuss the situation with you first.  You may want to use non-toxic traps to check for moths or require pigeon proofing materials, for example.


More Reasons to Choose Terminex

We also offer our residential customers:

  • FREE quotations.
  • FREE insect identification.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Precise appointment dates and times (not am or pm).
  • Fully trained and BPCA qualified technicians.
  • Written treatment reports of all work performed, including risk assessments.


Our initial visit will include a full inspection to assess the extent of the problem and the drawing up of a plan of actions to be taken (by you and us).


Prevention is Better than Cure


With domestic pest control, we’re usually called out when a problem or infestation already exists.  We will do everything we can to stop the problem getting worse and remove it altogether, but it’s important to act quickly.  Ignoring a problem could lead to unnecessary expense and inconvenience if the infestation gets bigger or changes location.  If you’ve noticed rodents in your garden or compost bin, don’t wait until they’ve moved inside the house before you call.

We can also give advice and protect your property from re-infestation (or even from being infested in the first place).  Some household pests, like rats and mice, can be kept out if entry points like gaps under doors and holes in walls are blocked up, so we will undertake this minor proofing work to give you extra peace of mind.

We aim to attend within 24 hours of your initial call, and the same day if possible, so you can be sure the infestation will be removed as quickly as possible.


Pest Control for Rented Accommodation

Block of flats or apartmentsWith property so expensive in London these days, many of us rent flats, houses and apartments.  If you’re a homeowner you can give us a call yourself, but with rented accommodation the situation is more complex.  Often it will be up to the landlord to fix the problem, but there are some cases where you might have done something yourself to encourage the pests, in which case you will be responsible for contracting us to fix it.

Get in touch with your landlord to find out who needs to contact us.  If you live in a block of flats, you may also want to talk to your neighbours as pests often move from one flat to another.


Wherever you live in London or the South East, give us a ring and we’ll help solve your pest woes.  It’s a free call, and it could save you a lot of distress and worry: 0800 975 2736.