Commercial Pest Control

If you run a business, your main concern is to stay in profit while keeping your staff and customers happy.  That’s why commercial pest control is a must.  While the effects of an infestation vary depending on the type of company you have, they can have serious consequences for your business.  Pests can lose you customers, lower staff morale and harm your reputation, as well as causing physical damage and spreading disease.  If you run a restaurant, pub or catering business, pests can even get you closed down.

We offer a range of commercial pest control services to clients all over London, Essex, Herts and the surrounding area.


Protect Your Business and Your Reputation

Pubs need pest control too

Most of our business customers contract us to perform initial risk assessments, visit them regularly and put preventative measures in place to make sure pest infestations don’t happen.  Whether you have a restaurant, a hotel or an office building, our pest controllers will help you meet all your legal requirements, from health and safety to food hygiene regulations.  Environmental health officers require you ‘to exercise due diligence’ by taking precautions to avoid infestation, and we can help you understand what this means for your business.

At Terminex, we offer:

  • Free survey and initial consultation
  • Free insect identification
  • Competitive rates, including free call outs for contract clients
  • Appointment dates and times to suit you
  • Fully trained and BPCA qualified technicians throughout London and Herts
  • Written treatment reports of all pest control work performed
  • Risk assessments
  • COSHH assessments, monitoring and evaluation (hazardous substances)
  • Detailed surveys by a specialist field biologist, where required


But that’s not all.  As well as undertaking regular visits to make sure infestations are prevented, monitored and treated, we also work in a consultative capacity.  We’ll give you advice on lowering the risk of an infestation, which might mean filling gaps in doors, floors, walls and pipe work.  We can also train your staff in pest management techniques so you can keep on top of things yourselves.  Our directors have some of the best scientific knowledge in the whole pest control industry, so they’re a great resource if you need guidance.  More importantly, we’ll listen to what you actually need, so you get the best service possible.


Good for the Environment, Your Customers and Your Staff

Our pest control services use a methodology known as Integrated Pest Management.  That means we combine our knowledge of how pests live with a variety of deterrents and control techniques to solve pest problems quickly, efficiently and with the minimum impact on the environment.

In practice, we use non-pesticide organic products wherever possible and recycle all our containers by sending them back to the supplier.  We also use the latest technologies, like Bird Free® gel, which has a fire-like appearance to pigeons.  Sometimes we buy more expensive products because they’re more effective. That way, we use fewer chemicals overall, which is good for everyone.

The chemicals we do use are fully approved and regulated by the BPCA, which goes far beyond the current legal requirements in the UK.   They’re also bio-degradable within 6 weeks of application.


Free Callouts

Even with preventative measures in place, commercial premises are never 100% pest proof.  Infestations happen, and they aren’t always anyone’s fault – pests can be brought in by customers and suppliers.  The key is to control the situation quickly so it doesn’t get out of hand.

We encourage our clients to call us immediately if there’s a problem so our pest controllers can come in and take action.  These extra ‘callout’ visits are included in the contract at no extra charge.

Labour and products are also included in the price, but occasionally you might need to buy specialist products to deal with a specific pest problem.  In the London and Herts area these problems generally involve birds and flying insects like moths and flies.  We will always discuss any additional products with you in advance, so you can decide which ones, if any, you would like to use.

For pigeons there are a range of bird proofing methods available, including netting, spikes and Bird Free® optical gel, while flying insects might require pheromone traps, fly screens and non-toxic monitors.


Our pest management services cover all sizes of project, whether you need pigeon proofing half way up a London office building or you have small rural premises that only require a few visits per year.  We operate all over London, Hertfordshire and the South East, so give us a call on 0800 975 2736 for more information, or contact us online.