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Terminex Limited’s mission is clear

To solve all your pest control problems in a professional, friendly and environmentally friendly way.dsc02770

Terminex prides itself on providing a high level of customer service, with our fantastic team of friendly staff who take great pride in helping you.  We feel very confident you will be impressed with our service, as we have very high levels of staff and customer retention and satisfaction, as we aim to develop long-term loyalty with all our customers so that you will use us again.  We always welcome your feedback.

Terminex has a large customer base of Commercial clients and Residential clients, who all benefit from the peace of mind of using a BPCA registered company, with highly trained staff and the latest technology.

Terminex provides a fully inclusive price that includes all the visits, chemicals and consumables that are needed to complete the job.  So, no surprises from extra costs. We do not trick our customers with  “hidden add-ons” .

So, whether you have a rodent problem, an insect problem (we are the Industry Specialists in clothes moths), a bird problem (pigeons causing a nuisance), Terminex can make sure your pests are removed quickly and efficiently.

So CALL US now on our freephone number – 0800 9752736.  Our friendly staff will be happy to help you.



Pest Control in Londonvan-side-view

Bustling urban areas often have the worst problems when it comes to pests. Lots of people living in close proximity means plenty of food for rats, pigeons and foxes, and people coming into airports bring pests with them from abroad. Bed bugs are making a comeback for this very reason.

London gets it worst than most, with dense populations and a number of international airports. There are more rats in the capital than humans, so domestic pest control has to be taken seriously. We operate all over London, and offer services for both private and commercial customers. Whether you’re in the City, Kensington and Chelsea or Camden, we can tailor a solution to your particular problem.


Greater London

Towns outside London also have problems, and we operate in rural areas too. Whether you’re in the commuter belt or the countryside, we’ve got the know-how to tackle any problem you might face. In winter this could be an infestation of mice moving indoors to escape the cold, or in late summer, drunken wasps feeding on fermenting apples. We work regularly in Watford, St Albans and Stevenage in Herts, but also venture into Bedfordshire, Essex and other counties.


Domestic and Commercial Pest Control

Our pest controllers work in both domestic and commercial settings. They can help you remove infestations from your home or business in no time. If you’re a restaurant owner, cockroaches or mice can be catastrophic. Get in touch with us so you can get rid of the problem as quickly as possible. We can also work in car parks, retail shops and warehouses. Wherever the pests are, we can help.

At home, you may have clothes moths eating up your cashmere jumpers, a silk wedding dress or your expensive woollen carpets. Getting rid of moths is difficult, so it’s best to call in the experts.


Organic and Non-Toxic Pest Removal

We offer a range of organic and conventional pest control services, and use non-toxic monitoring and inspections wherever possible to minimize the use of insecticides. With clothes moth infestations this means setting up pheromone traps to monitor the situation, and pigeons can be deterred using nets or spikes. We also use high tech inventions such as a Bird Free® optical gel in addition to conventional bird proofing methods. The gel scares pigeons away because it looks like fire (to the pigeon).

Terminex Limited is a full member of the British Pest Control Association, and we offer a wide range of pest control, pest removal and bird proofing services in and around London, Hertfordshire and the South East. For more information on the pests we deal with and the type of treatments we offer, click on a link below:


Terminex treats all major urban pests:

Ants Bedbugs Carpet beetles Cockroaches
Fleas Flies Flour beetles Indian meal moths
Mice & Rats Mites Moths Pigeons
Stored product insects Textile pests Wasps